Saia Burgess

         PT. Swahusada adalah distributor resmi untuk Saia Burgess Control dan Honeywell. Kami dapat mendesign system kebutuhan anda dengan Saia Burgess. Tipe yang ditawarkan bermacam-macam dan disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan anda. Keunggulan Saia Burgess adalah design yang compact dan kualitas yang handal.     

Tak hanya menjual unit, PT. Swahusada menjual system BAS (Building Automation System) yang di design oleh kami dan akan diintegrasikan dengan panel control system yang dimiliki. Tak hanya menjual PLC, kami juga menyediakan paket lengkap dengan sensor seperti sensor CO, CO2, temperature, maupun humidity, dan bermacam -macam control.  Oleh karena itu, PT. Swahusada mempunyai solution untuk keperluan automasi anda.     

 Saia-Burgess Controls AG is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Honeywell Group. It has been developing, producing and selling measurement and control systems since 1978. The extremely durable products are used above all in the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning sector. With annual turnover of 75.8 million dollars and over 200 employees, this Swiss company headquartered in Murten is a valued manufacturer of infrastructure automation solutions for buildings, energy, infrastructure and machinery.   

In 2001, Saia-Burgess Controls AG was founded with the aim of supporting the continuing growth of the controller division. This gave new impetus of further innovations, such as web technology for industrial controllers. In 2005, the entire Saia Burgess Group was acquired by Johnson Electric from Hong Kong, a global player in small electrical drives. Within two years, it succeeded in integrating the industry and automotive divisions into its own structures. Saia-Burgess Controls AG remained a separate unit, focusing on controllers, HMIs and electrical meters. With the ownership of Johnson Electric, the period beginning in 2005 saw high investments and countless innovations in production and logistics as well as the introduction of lean production.  

SBC continued to develop is winning formula for open communicative controllers and decided to move away from proprietary technologies and protocols. Saia PCD controllers are systematically based on open, recognized standards from the worlds of industry and IT. This helps protect investments across the entire life cycle of a system. In 2012, Saia-Burgess Controls AG was acquired by the American company Honeywell Inc. This opened up new opportunities for SBC in Asia and the Middle East.        

With our flexible and modular Saia PCD controllers, we provide a well-thought-out technical basis for automating your projects. The application software for a project is portable across all device classes and generations – throughout the life cycle. For long-term program protection and the storage of operating data, the devices can be equipped with expandable memory and provided via the automation server. In order to allow maximum energy and cost-efficiency as well as convenience, our controllers are geared to global norms.         

  • PCD3.M2xxx Compact CPU base units with onboard I/Os and in case of the Wide Area Controller modem Onboard interfaces: USB, RS-485, Ethernet, (Modem)

  • PCD3.M3xxx CPU base units with 4 I/O module slots. Onboard interfaces: USB, RS485, Ethernet

  • PCD3.M5/6xxx CPU base units with 4 I/O module slots. Onboard interfaces: USB, RS232, RS485, Ethernet, Profibus, CAN Basic. Slots for memory modules and battery module

  • PCD3.M6860/6880 CPU base units (Power CPU) with 2 independent Ethernet portswith 4 I/O module slots. Onboard interfaces: USB, RS232, RS485, Ethernet, Profibus.Slots for memory modules and battery module

  • PCD3.M6893 base units (Power CPU) with 2 independent Ethernet ports and 4 I/O module slots, allows high-level language programming in accordance with IEC 61131-3 including object-oriented methods and Cyber security. with 4 I/O module slots. Onboard interfaces: USB, USB Host, RS485, Ethernet, CAN. Slots for aditional RS485 module and uSD memory module.

PCD3.T6/7xx Remote I/O's with 4 I/O module slots

  • PCD3.Cxxx I/O extension units with 4 or 2 I/O module slots

  • PCD3 I/O modules More than 50 modules with differing functionality PCD3.Axxx/Bxxx/Exxx/Fxxx/Wxxx

  • Plugable memory modules PCD3.Rxxx,PCD7.Rxxx

  • Extension plug and cables PCD3.Kxxx
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