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Raytek Indonesia

Infrared Linescanners

Network Tester, Multimeter, Multitester Tools, Digital Multimeter, Clamp Meter, Pressure Calibrators. 

Produk Kami Jamin 100% Original dan Bergaransi Resmi.

Raytek Indonesia Thermal infrared linescanners are ideally suited for temperature measurement of continuous sheet-to-sheet processes or discrete fabrication.

Product Overview

This multi-point measurement is achieved by a rotating optical system, which collects infrared radiation at up to 1024 points within a 90º field-of-view. The motorized mirror scans at rates up to 150 lines per second.

An internal high-speed microprocessor calculates the temperature of the individual measurement points of each line of data. The MP150 thermal line-scanner includes provision for air or water-cooling, three configurable analog outputs, and two-way digital communications. The thermal line-scanner also features on-board Ethernet TCP/IP communication capability and a built-in line laser for rapid alignment.

Optional analog or digital output modules are available. MP150 Process Imager Systems are available with a choice of temperature and spectral ranges. For detailed information, please review product brochure and datasheet.

Key Features

  • Real-time thermal line-scanner system for continuous or discrete process measurements
  • Up to 1024 measurement points per line
  • Fast scan rates up to 150 lines per second
  • Optical resolution up to 200:1
  • Built-in line laser for rapid alignment
  • On-board Ethernet TCP/IP communication
  • Wide choice of models and spectral responses

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